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I'm David. My husband and I moved to Frederick for new job opportunities. We love this community--It has been a great place for us to make our home, meet new friends, join a synagogue and get involved in the organizations that make this a vibrant place to live. We love playing tennis, seeing a Keys game, biking on the C&O towpath and getting coffee.

I am passionate about great public schools. I attended public schools, from elementary school through my Masters degrees in Special Education and Public Administration. I know that strong public schools are essential for an equitable society and informed citizens.


My professional experiences have helped prepare me as an advocate for great public schools. I have worked as a special education teacher at the middle and high school levels, and as a habilitation specialist for a nonprofit that serves people with developmental disabilities. For the last several years, I have worked in higher education. I have served as an academic tutor, coordinated an alternative testing center and directed Jewish Life initiatives at two nearby colleges.

My advocacy for students with special needs comes in part from my younger brother who is on the autism spectrum. This is a personal issue for me, one that drives my work and my commitment to expanding our special education services in Frederick.


I hope to meet you during this campaign. I enjoy connecting with people, and I hope to learn more about your own experiences with our schools as students, parents, teachers and community members.

David Bass


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We are also accepting donations via checks sent to:

Friends of David A. Bass

PO Box 3151

Frederick, MD 21701


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